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students with backpacks
image of witter field construction

Witter Field Renovation Public Meeting Tuesday, 9/26, 6PM at the Wildwood auditorium.

The walkway in front of Witter Field  reopens for pedestrians 9/25 @ 7am.  Permanent fencing, gates and handrail work along the walkway will be completed in the coming weeks.  

Parents, residents, and dog walkers will be able to walk through the Witter parking lot, pass in front of the Field House and access the dog park and Wildwood Ave without having to walk past the yellow gate and walk up PE Hill.

Palm, Park, Winsor - Due to Bothman's storm drain piping activity on Witter Field and the related trucking activity, parking restrictions will remain posted and in place next week.

El Cerrito - parking restrictions lifted. The return of parking restrictions on El Cerrito will be on an as needed basis with the goal being to provide notice a week in advance of new restrictions.

Witter Field Parking closed to public vehicles through project completion.

Planned project completion remains 12/1/23.

Click here to see the full slideshow of the Witter Field Renovation project.