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students with backpacks
image of witter field construction

Work in Progress

  • Class 2 baserock trucked in to bring the field up to finish grade
  • Continued work on new football scoreboard piers/steel columns
  • Continued work on goal post foundations and pole vault pit
  • Prepping for D-ring asphalt

Completion Date Update

The completion date remains Monday 2/5/24.  The contractor is on track to hit the recently updated critical path and milestone task start dates.  The completion date and milesone start dates are weather dependent.

Parking Updates

Palm, Park View, upper Winsor - Parking restrictions will remain in place on Palm, upper Winsor, and parts of Park View due to the continuing import of the class 2 baserock infill. The earliest parking restrictions might be lifted is the week of 11/20, Thanksgiving week.  

El Cerrito - Parking restrictions remain on El Cerrito through Tuesday 11/14. The restrictions are needed to accommodate the drill rig and delivery trucks for the installation of the football scoreboard foundation and steel columns.

Winsor Driveway Gate Closure
The pedestrian access gate on the Winsor Avenue driveway, which many residents use to access the Piedmont Park off-leash dog area, will be closed for your safety during working hours Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4pm.  The gate will be locked and chained during those periods.  Please respect this closure since construction activity on the driveway could pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and dogs.

We will keep the gate open for pedestrian access to the off-leash dog area outside of working hours and on weekends.  Please email Pete Palmer if the gate is chained outside of designated working hours.

Drainage Calculations
A 54 page City approved encroachment permit and Verde storm water report was issued on 8/25/23.  Per the City’s request, PUSD has reduced the peak flow rate for the Witter Field area by approximately 20%, largely by detaining the water from storm events in the subsurface piping and rock drainage profile.

The District remains committed to providing regular updates to the community regarding the Witter Field renovation.  We understand that construction is inconvenient, and disruptive and appreciate your continued patience, understanding, and cooperation as we complete this important project.

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